Sunday, September 16, 2012

Egypt: Suspicion three brothers #H5N1 bird flu raises panic in Minya

15/09/2012 Minya - Emad Maher The Directorate of Health and queens, on Saturday, the state of emergency and precautionary medical measures have been taken after suspicion of wounding 3 brothers bird flu.

[Department] Health announced that the brothers are "Ali Ahmed Farouk" -21 years - and his two brothers, "Hamada" - 16 years - and "Hazem" 5 years and residents in the village of Manshiet Jalal of the Center for Beni Mazar in Minya suspected bird flu patients, were detained three cases and put them under Fever Hospital medical observation Minya.

[The cases of three brothers, and they are Ali Ahmed, 21 years old and his two brothers Hamada 16 years and Hazem 5 years and all of them from Manshiet Jalal village of Bani Mazar in Minya.]

The hospital admitted Beni Mazar may Astqlapt cases three and has being isolated and preventive and turned them for fevers Minya after taking a blood sample for analysis labs central Cairo to the extent of illness. The T. context moved a committee of veterinary medicine, health and security forces to patients' homes, clearing, and clearing houses adjacent to them, and contact them and take samples from birds found homes for examination.

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