Friday, September 21, 2012

Indonesia: Central Java Wonosobo 97 Resident Suspected #H5N1 Update

 SEPTEMBER 21, 2012


Head of Animal Health and Husbandry Department of Fish and Fisheries Wonosobo, drh.Sutomo said that the sudden death of poultry and the mass in the Village District Plobangan Selomerto started since 11 September. until the next day amounted to 112 dead birds. After laboratory tests confirmed the death was due gejela chicken bird flu.
"We've done lab tests and confirmed the death of poultry due to bird flu," he said.
After that, he said, the number of poultry include chicken and ducks that died continues to grow. Until yesterday amounted to 290 birds. To attempt to suppress the spread of bird flu virus, it had conducted spraying at home and residential areas.
"Spraying once we have done and we will continue to monitor, because the number of birds that died continues to grow," he said.
Head of District Health Office Wonosobo dr. Okie Hapsoro said, the detection of bird flu cases it had lowered the medical team to do counseling and checks directly to the citizens. In addition, immediate treatment is also carried out to 70 residents gelaja plobangan with regular flu without fever.
"There is no serious symptoms of bird flu affected. The results of our medical team people just have the flu, " he says.
Even so, further Okie, health officials revealed to the village every day Plobangan to do counseling and direct examination. This is to anticipate the people infected with bird flu.
"To this day there has been no positive victims of bird flu. Transmission only among birds, " he concluded.  (Rase)

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