Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Egypt: Agriculture: 90% of poultry farms infected with diseases

2012 - 01:14:33 Wednesday 19 - September

Ahmed Zakaria revealed Head of Central Department of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture d. Suhair Abdul Qadir that about 90% of the poultry farms in Egypt do not comply with the minimum standards for bio-security. added that a large proportion of them infected Bmredan or at least three of poultry diseases, and committees of veterinary

The tours surprise on poultry farms in various provinces discovered that a large proportion of up to 90% of farms infected with diseases primitive such as influenza, bronchitis and mycoplasma and Newcastle and they do not adhere to the application of the minimum conditions of biosecurity, which caused the spread of these diseases by. told d. Suhair that the General Authority for Veterinary Services has taken several measures for the prevention of poultry diseases, especially with winter approaching a period of increased poultry diseases due to low temperatures, where it was for the first time to isolate strains of pathogenic poultry and classified analysis of genetic prelude to manufacture a vaccine Local hands Egyptian without relying on vaccines imported with the application of all scientific standards in the vaccines produced. confirmed Suhair are being coordination with the Federation of Poultry Producers to cooperate in order to develop a method immunize an individual in poultry to ensure effective immunization user instead of mass immunization, noting that the aetiology that have been isolated for bird flu, turned out to be the same strain that was isolated in 2006 and not strain mutated, but for Newcastle disease, it is clear that strain fierce Chinese origin, and that have been isolated over the years ago in Egypt, but for the disease bronchitis (IB), it strains mutated Israeli origin was isolated from Egypt since 2010. drew Qadir, that Gary even now preparing for bird flu vaccine and that it will review all protocols import vaccines from abroad that violate the Egyptian constitution, which confirms to be efficient vaccine more than 80%, confirming that it will be transfer all large poultry farms to the desert and delta entirely free of them in the long run.

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