Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vietnam: Ca Mau #H5N1 Update

Ca Mau Province tested positive for H5N1 in poultry earlier in September, previously posted here.  The poultry is asymptomatic, but is not the new strain that has appeared in July & August of this year.

No bird flu virus changes

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huy, Director of the Department of Animal Health 
, said the results of serum samples on the poultry are raised and sold in the market but do not have signs and symptoms of bird flu, but still of H5N1 virus.
From 1-6/2012, serum sampling results on the poultry does not detect the H5N1 bird flu virus, but in July found 2 samples, August found 6 samples.
This suggests that avian influenza viruses are widespread in the natural environment increases. More dangerous, since serum samples until monitoring results, the bird talks was consumed Forum.
No genetically modified
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huy said, the H5N1 bird flu virus in the Mekong Delta, including Ca Mau have abnormal genetic variation as in the northern and central coastal provinces. Old branches virus still circulating, the old vaccine to date is highly effective vaccination.
Steering Committee animal disease prevention, poultry and seafood direct the local provincial series vaccination troops from early this year be 1.032.927/1.345.117, over 77% of men in the vaccination.
 Until now, bird flu outbreaks in 3 households Đặng Phước Thọ và Đặng Phước Tồn
ấp Lộ Xe
, Hamlet, Phu My Hung, 
Phu My Hung, Cai Nuoc  district and household Ms. Huynh Ngoc Ha, 10A, xã Trần Hợi, together with the total number of infected birds and the destruction of 788 children.

Interest, 2 of 3 sick and dead poultry vaccination is not preventive vaccines and new culture is not declared with the local government and industry functions.
Currently, most of the ducks Siamese pathogenic avian influenza but no signs or symptoms of the disease. Under the new rules, small farms of less than 20 the veterinary force not to vaccination of A/H5N1 flu vaccine to people registered vaccination. People are not aware of the application of biosecurity measures in livestock, the subjective neglected diseases should avian influenza risks of recurrence. 
No subjective
Currently at the time of the season, the previous bird flu outbreak risk.Veterinary Department is to strengthen the patrol control at the gateway to the province, absolutely not for livestock and poultry from other provinces to contamination or infection into the province.
Coordinate with the local enhanced propagation epidemic prevention measures to farmers. When epidemics occur not hide, no selling of cattle, poultry, transport out of the disease, not throwing dead livestock diseases down the river and canal.
Housing must be guaranteed dry, regularly disinfected periodically. When buying new seed re-Forum should be raised in isolation for about 2 weeks.
To prevent this disease, people need to make good sanitation in livestock, regular disinfection housing and preventive vaccination in poultry. When discovered the phenomenon of mass bird die must immediately notify the local authorities.
Absolutely not slaughter and use of suspected bird flu. When there is high fever related to ill poultry immediately to health authorities for examination and treated promptly. /.
According to a survey of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, in the southern region, bird flu is still old H5N1 strain, no major changes; North emergence of new strains. When strain is not changed, in the south still use traditional vaccines for poultry vaccination.
Article and photo: Truc Ly

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