Monday, October 22, 2012

Current #Marburg Case List

I am on the same page as the CIDRAP article posted before this.  This is my current list, that can be found on the right side-bar.  All victims listed can be found in articles here at the blog.

Case Number/Name/Age/Location/DOD/Relationship
#1   Lillian Banegura, Rwabirondo Vill., Ndorwa West,  DOD Early Oct,  Mother,

#2   Bernard Rutaro (32), Rwabirondo Vill, Ndorwa West, DOD Early Oct, Elder Brother

#3   Boaz Turyahikayo, 28, Rwabirondo Vill,  Ndorwa West,  Bured 10/18, Brother
#4   Mildred Ansasiire (26), Rwabirondo Vill. Ndorwa West, Buried 10/18, Sister,

#5   Nathan Biryamurabaho (50), Hamuganda Vill, Bukora Kitumba, Buried 10/20, Brother

#6   Obed Tegyereize, Rukungiri Dist,  hospitalized, confirmed positive,
#7   Unknown, hospitalized 10/21, not confirmed
#8   Unknown, hospitalized 10/21, not confirmed
#9   Sharon Twinomujuni, Kabale, hospitalized, confirmed positive, Relative

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