Sunday, October 21, 2012

Indonesia: Chickens Confirmed in Bengkulu with #H5N1

BENGKULU - Cases of bird flu in Bengkulu city re-discovered. Saturday (20/10), the investigation of Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Dispertanak) of Bengkulu on the reports of the chickens that died suddenly, having tested positive for the H5N1 virus due to bird flu. 

Chief Dispertanak Ir City. Arif Gunadi said yesterday of the results of the examination of the dead chickens confirmed chickens died due to bird flu. Two recent cases on Jalan Dusun Village Amalia 5 Jalan Besar and beautiful East End Gang Grudge 2 East Village Beautiful. "There are 15 chickens that died in the name of the owner and Suhardin Jasiran three tails. And for chicken Suhardin there are as many as 20 tails still alive and the owner did not want to destroy it. still want to see the condition of the chicken for two days. But already we give disenfektan to kill the virus, "said Arif. Added Zulkifi PDSR officers, to prevent the spread of the virus they just share disenfektan bias. 
Constraints of officers to break the chain of the bird flu virus, there are many people who do not want chickens culled. "Most chickens infected with the virus, are wild chickens should be arrested first., and that has not necessarily allowed to destroy them due to lack of awareness," Zulkifli said. Explained Zulkifli, the case of chickens died suddenly due to bird flu occurred in Garden Bler RT 8 Friday (19/10) and RT 11 last Thursday (18/10). But already given disenfektan the residents are chickens died suddenly.  

On the other hand, Chairman of RT 8 Bler Sukarman Gardens, admitted that there are chickens that died suddenly citizens. But he has not been told that the chicken that died due to bird flu. "There are three chickens died suddenly but we do not know what the cause is. Earlier (yesterday) there are officers who delivered disenfektan village, and I will give the citizens of my chickens died suddenly, "said Sukarman.  

Midi resident Amalia Jalan Dusun Village 5 Big admitted just know if the chickens that died suddenly in recent days in the environment because of bird flu. According Midi six houses there are chickens died suddenly in their environment. And last home Jasiran neighbors. With the cause of death due to bird flu. "There were about 15 of our chickens died suddenly, but not simultaneously. process is also fast, but still nippy morning, er afternoon is dead. Yet our lack of knowledge about the characteristics of bird flu infected chickens, make us throw away the chicken carcass, do not we bury or burn, "said Midi. Midi hope that the Government, socialize more about this virus and its dangers. "Must be another major project, so that when people see something like that we take immediate action bias. For now we have clean cages with disenfektan," said Midi.

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