Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Indonesia: 103 positive poultry bird flu in Bengkulu

October 24, 2012 Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - Tim Bird Flu Disease Control Bengkulu province recorded as many as 103 birds in the area tested positive for the bird flu virus (H5N1) in October 2012. "Some 103 birds in the area tested positive for the bird flu virus since the beginning of October 2012 , "said Chairman Tim Bird Flu Disease Control (PPFB) Bengkulu province, Emran Kuswadi Wednesday.

Hundreds of birds were found positive for bird flu in Bengkulu city consists of 15ekor in Kelurahan Lingkar Barat Kecamatan Gading Cempaka, 18 ekor di Kelurahan Kebun Tebeng Kecamatan Ratu Agung dan sembilan ekor di Kelurahan Bentiring Kecamatan Muara Bangkahulu. then the spread of the bird flu virus resulted in the death of as many as 11 head of poultry in Kelurahan Kebun Beler Kecamatan Ratu Agung, the nine ekor in Kelurahan Sidomulyo Kecamatan Gading Cempaka, 15 tails in Kelurahan Dusun Besar Kecamatan Singaran Pati dan tiga ekor di Kelurahan Timur Indah Kecamatan Singaran Pati.  

"In addition to the seven villages in Bengkulu city, as many as 10 birds in the village of Desa Bandar Ratu Kabupaten Mukomuko also died suddenly due to positive bird flu," he said. To prevent the spread of bird flu virus Agricultural Department and Livestock Bengkulu City seeks spraying with disinfectant on the area known cases of bird flu.

In addition, they requested that citizens hand over their chickens to be burned. however, most people are still reluctant to hand over the surviving poultry to be destroyed because it voluntarily for reasons still care for their animals alive. "Besides residents reluctant to give up his pet birds because they do not receive compensation for the destruction of officers conducted en masse, "said Head of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bengkulu, Arif Gunadi. Arif explained that the bird flu virus is dangerous because it can kill all poultry, spread quickly to a farm and can cause illness and death in humans. "When birds seen having some signs of bird flu such as shortness of breath, and face, comb and bluish chest muscles, swollen head, red legs and claws like scraped, diarrhea, mucus from the mouth and nose, sudden death and high mortality rate, immediately report it to us / paramedic animals in this area, "he said. poultry order not infected with bird flu, especially during the rainy season it asks the citizens to keep the cage, avoid high humidity in the cage and sprayed disinfectant that has been provided Distanak Bengkulu city. (ANT)

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