Friday, October 26, 2012

Hesaraghatta Poultry Farms

From the previous post, located here:

A radius of 10 km has been demarcated as surveillance zone. As many as 15 commercial farms in 68 villages with a poultry population of one and half lakh come under this.
The Central Poultry Organisation (Southern Region), under Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Government of India formed after merging and restructuring of the Central Poultry Units located at Hessaraghatta, Bangalore viz. Central Poultry Training Institute, Central Poultry Breeding Farm, Central Duck Breeding Farm, Random Sample Poultry Performance Testing Centre, during June 2003.

OBJECTIVES:- Maintaining of Germ plasm of low input technology birds and multiplication and development of these stocks and supply for rural poultry development programmes.

Under diversification programme, Turkey Production and multiplication. This Organisations constitutes three major Units:-
Training Institute & Service Unit
Poultry Unit
Turkey Unit
Duck Unit
The initial progress which has been achieved at this organization indicates a very bright future for turkey production through controlled breeding and management.
From 1997-2004 the systematic approach of “Turkey activities” has resulted spectacular progress and create a good market with in the nation in a short period.
Turkey Hatching eggs and Birds sold during last three years are 9000,13000and 9000 up
to December 2004.
Estimate demand for per year is about 50000.
A market study shows that a male turkey sold at 24 weeks of age weighing 10 to 12 kg with expenditure of Rs 400 to 450 will give a profit of Rs 500 to 600. Likewise a female will give a profit of Rs300to 400 in a span of 24 weeks time. Besides, the turkey can be reared in scavenging and semi –scavenging conditions also

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