Monday, October 22, 2012

#Marburg Virus: 34 People Under Health Ministry Surveillance

October 22, 2012

By Jane Nambi
34 people are under surveillance by the Ministry of Health for the Marburg virus after attending the burial of the five people who died last week of the virus.

The 34 people however are not in isolation as they are being monitored from the communities. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Rukia Nakamatte, they will be taken into isolation only after manifesting symptoms of the disease.

However, of the 34, only one person has shown signs of the disease and is under isolation in Rushoroza Health Center 3. “We have received a call from Rushoroza where another patient is showing Marburg symptoms. We are going to test him,” Dr. Placid Mihayo, the Kabale Hospital director said.

Rukia made the confirmation saying, “There is only one person who was admitted at the Rushoroza Health Center 3 and is under isolation.”

The 34 under surveillance are from Kitumba village.

Five people originally died from Marburg in Kabale district where the Ebola virus also first hit killing more than five people last month. Marburg is said to have the same symptoms as those of Ebola.

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