Saturday, October 27, 2012

#Marburg virus cases

Attempts to untangle the cases...from the previous article:

Lydia Rusanyuka died Saturday morning at Rushoroza health center three after spending less than a week under medical care inside the isolation center.
Has to be:

Name:   Female (54)
From:     Kabale
Adm:   10/21  Rushoroza Healthcare Ctr
Confirmed:  negative
Notes:  Mother  to the deceased son, who died last week

Rusanyuka, the mother of a mortuary attendant who also succumbed to the disease had been tested positive with the virus prior to her death.

Her son, Jason Tumukunde also died of the same disease.

I don't know who that is.  I do have this victim, but he was just admitted on the 23rd, and that goes against a comment in a previous post:

The Kabale District Health Officer, Dr Patrick Tusiime, said on Friday that the new victims were the relatives of Kabale Regional Referral Hospital mortuary attendant Jason Tumukunde, who died four days after he treated bodies of people who had died of the virus on October 4.

Name:  Edward Turyamureba (38)
Adm:  10/22 Rushoroza HCC
From:  Kicumbi, Kamugangu sub-county
DOD:  10/23
Confirmed:  Positive
Notes:  6th death.

 Meanwhile, the wife of the late Tumukunde, his sister and their eight-year-old daughter remain in isolation at Rushoroza after testing positive.
Name: Female (18) Secondary School Student
From:  Kabale
Adm:   10/22  Rushoroza HCC
Confirmed:  negative
Note:  Her Brother died last week shortly after preparing the body of the first suspected Marburg victim at Kabale Regional Refeerral Hospital.  He was a mortuary attendant.

So we have another Family Cluster of confirmed and one death.
The Mortuary Attendant of the 3rd or 4th Index Case Family.
Jason Tumukunde - confirmed, dead.
Mother to Jason - confirmed, dead.
Wife to Jason - confirmed, hospitalized
Sister to Jason - confirmed, hospitalized
Daughter to Jason - confirmed, hospitalized.

A revised list is coming up.

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