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Marburg Virus Human Case List

Updated 10/27/12

Case  #/Name/Age/Location/DOD/Confirmation/Relationship
#1   Lillian Banegura/Rwabirondo Vill/DOD Early Oct/Mother/Deceased

#2   Bernard Rutaro/32/Rwabirondo Vill/DOD Early Oct/Brother/Deceased

#3   Boaz Turyahikayo/28,/Rwabirondo Vill/Bur: 10/18/Brother/Deceased
#4   Mildred Ansasiire /26/Rwabirondo Vill./Bur: 10/18/Conf/Sister/Deceased

#5   Nathan Biryamurabaho/50/Hamuganda Vill/Bur: 10/20/Conf/Brother/Deceased

#6   Obed Tegyereize /32/Kiyonjo parish, Kitumba/Conf/Adm/Relative
#7   Edward Turyamureba /38/ Kicumbi, Kamugangu/Oct. 23/Conf/
#8   Female/18/Kabale/Adm/Conf/Sister Jason Tumukunde
#9   Sharon Twinomujuni/Kabale/Adm Mulago Hosp/Conf/Relative
#10  Lydia Rusanyuka/54/Kabale/Oct. 27/Conf/Mother Jason Tumukunde
#11  Jason Tumukunde/Kabale/DOD Mid-Oct./Mortuary Attendant Index Case
#12  Female/8/Kabale/Adm/Con/Daughter of Jason Tumukunde
#13  Female/?/Kabale/Adm/Con/Wife of Jason Tumukunde

  • Declared Outbreak:  10/19
  • 5 Family Members:  2 confirmed on 10/19, 3 others within 1 month.
  • Where:  Kitumba Parish, Kitumba Sub-county, Kabale District.
  • Index Case:  Family Member from Rwabirondo Village, Kitumba parish.
  • Index Case DOD:  9/20/12
  • Two Family Members died afterward:  Sister & Mother
  • Family invited retired Reverend from Rukungiri Dist to visit household –
  • Burial Committee @ Rushoroza HCC – As of 10/27 supervised 2 burials.

Name:  Lilian Banegura – Mother 
From Kiyonjo parish, Kitumba sub-county, Kabale, Uganda
DOD:  Since 10/4

Name:  Bernard Rutaro (32) Brother
From: Kiyonjo parish, Kitumba sub-county, Kabale, Uganda
DOD:  Since 10/4

Name:  Boaz Turyahikayo (28)  Brother
From: Kiyonjo parish, Kitumba sub-county, Kabale, Uganda
Buried:  10/18
Note:   a lecturer at Uganda Christian University.

Name:  Mildred Ansasiire (26),  Sister
From: Kiyonjo parish, Kitumba sub-county, Kabale, Uganda
Buried:  10/18
Confirmed:  positive
Note:   a primary school teacher

Name:  Nathan Biryamurabaho (50)  Relative
From:  Hamuganda Village, Bukora Kitumba, Kabale
Adm:  Kabale Regional Referral Hospital
Referred from:  Rugarama Hospital
DOD:  10/19  a few hours after being referred.  Buried 10/20.
Confirmed:  Positive
  • Relatives of the deceased sneaked the body out of the hospital after the authorities left them.
  • Authorities are going to their residences to check on them.

Name:  Obed Tegyereize (32) –  Retired Reverend
  Rukungiri District
Adm:  10/22 Rushoroza HCC
Confirmed:   Positive
·       He escaped from the health facility on Wednesday.  Has been seen crossing the border into Rukungiri District, Nyamitoma Village, he has been located, is being monitored there.
·       10/25 – steadily recovering.  Tests on 10/23 are negative

Mulago Hospital
Name:  Sharon Twinomujuni   - Relative
From:  Kitumba Sub-county, Kabale District
Adm:  10/21 Mulago Hospital
Adm:  10/19 Hospital’s Isolation Camp
Reconciled:  Private Clinic in Kisugu, Kampala
Confirmed:  Positive
·       Pregnant
·       Treated for Malaria in Kisugu Clinic
·       Traveled back to Kabale, had a miscarriage
·       Diagnosed & confirmed in Mulago Hospital
·       Alerted by the MOH when she was arriving so they could take precautions
·       10/23 – responding to treatment.  Stable condition.
·       Hospital is monitoring 1 Nurse and 2 Doctors who handled Twinomujini as she bled after miscarriage.  Not known at that time that she had Marburg.

Name:   Lydia Rusanyuka (54) – Mother of Jason - 7th death
From:     Kabale
Adm:   10/21  Rushoroza Healthcare Ctr
Confirmed:  positive
DOD:  10/27, buried 10/27
Notes:  Mother  to Jason Tumukunde, who died last week

Name:  Edward Turyamureba (38)
Adm:  10/22 Rushoroza HCC
From:  Kicumbi, Kamugangu sub-county
DOD:  10/23
Confirmed:  Positive
Notes:  6th death.

Name: Female (18), Sister to Jason Tumukunde
From:  Kabale
Adm:   10/22  Rushoroza HCC
Confirmed:  positive
Note:  Her Brother died last week shortly after preparing the body of the first suspected Marburg victim at Kabale Regional Refeerral Hospital.  He was a mortuary attendant.

Name:  Jason Tumukunde
From:  Kabale
DOD:  October 14 – 20tth
Confirmed:  Positive
Note:  Mortuary Attendant to 1st reported case of Marburg Virus, (Oct. 10). 

Name:  Female  (8) – Daughter of Jason Tumukunde
From:  Kabale
Confirmed:  Positive
Note:  Daugher to Jason Tumukunde

Name:  Female – Wife to Jason Tumukunde
From:  Kabale
Confirmed:  Positive
Note:  Wife of Jason Tumukunde

10/27  Sheila Ndyanabangi, MOH Senior Official, contact with  confirmed Sharon Twinomujuni
10/27 – 196  (Kabale, Rukungiri, Ibanda, Kampala (29)
10/26 – 177
10/24 – 132
10/23 – 34
10/25:  Kampala (26 contacts of Sharon); Kabale (132); Rukungiri Dist. Nyamitoma Vill.
 (21 families)
10/25    196 People in Kabale, Rukungiri, Ibanda & Kampala.

Total Suspected:
10/27 -  18 to date

1st Suspected Case  was reported October 10.

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