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Marburg Virus Outbreak Map & Case List

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Case Number/Name/Age/Location/DOD/Relationship
#1   Lillian Banegura, Rwabirondo Vill., Ndorwa West,  DOD Early Oct,  Mother,

#2   Bernard Rutaro, Rwabirondo Vill, Ndorwa West, DOD Early Oct, Elder Brother

#3   Boaz Turyahikayo, 28, Rwabirondo Vill,  Ndorwa West,  Bured 10/18, Brother
#4   Mildred Ansasiire (26), Rwabirondo Vill. Ndorwa West, Buried 10/18, Sister,

#5   Nathan Biryamurabaho (50), Hamuganda Vill, Bukora Kitumba, Buried 10/20, Brother

#6   Obed Tegyereize, Rukungiri Dist,  hospitalized, confirmed positive
#7   Unknown, hospitalized 10/21, not confirmed
#8   Unknown, hospitalized 10/21, not confirmed
#9   Sharon Twinomujuni, Kabale, hospitalized, confirmed positive, Relative

October 18, 2012
4 Member of Same Family
Name:  Boaz Turyahikayo (28) a lecturer at Uganda Christian University.
From:  Rwabirondo Village, Ndorwa West
Buried:  10/18
Name:  Mildred Ansasiire (26), a primary school teacher (sister)
From:  Rwabirondo Village, Ndorwa West
Buried:  10/18
From Uganda Southwest, Kabale  District,
Rwabihondo village, Kitumba parish, Ndorwa West constituency
Adm Kabale Regional Referral Hospital
Buried:  2 other victims buried by their relatives.   Samples taken and tested positive.
DOD:  10/18 – all four
Confirmed:  10/19 Health Ministry. 
Laboratory tests of three samples turned positive.  Preliminary reports from Kitumba Sub County 4 members of same family died since 10/4/12.
  • National Ebola Task-force has reactivated its rapid response committees.
  • Surveillance Team has started active tracing and listing of all possible contacts.
  • Ministry urged public to avoid all unnecessary public gatherings.
  • Relative died the next day, making 5 total as of 10/21.
  • Family members confined to their home for 9-10 days.

October 21, 2012
Name:  Obed Tegyereize
From:  Crossed into Rukungiri District
Being monitored in Rukingiri
Confirmed:  Positive
The results from the Uganda Virus Research Institute clearly show that this man is Marburg positive. We have located where he is and we have liaised with our health counterparts in Rukungiri to monitor him from there,”
·       He escaped from the health facility on Wednesday.  Has been seen crossing the border into Rukungiri District, he has been located, is being monitored there.

Name:  Nathan Biryamurabaho (50) (5th Family Member)
From:  Hamuganda Village, Bukora Kitumba
Buried:  10/20
Adm:  Kabale Regional Referral Hospital
Referred from:  referred from Rugarama Hospital
DOD:  10/19  a few hours after being referred.
  • Relatives of the deceased sneaked the body out of the hospital after the authorities left them.
  • Authorities are going to their residences to check on them.

17 Quarantined
·       Kabele Referring Hospital
Minister of Health Rukia Nakamatte
Patients and Workers at Hospital.
No one is showing signs
·       Family members confined to their homes for 9-10 days.

October 22, 1012
Name:  2 people
Adm:  10/21  Rushoroza Health Center III – 2 kilometers from Kabale Referral Hospital.
Confirmed:  no
·       Notes:  Symptoms of Marburg virus.
·       Authorities decided to relocate emergency center because the virus can easily transmit to other patients.
·       5 Experts from Ministry of Health, WHO and UPDF are handling virus outbreak, under the coordination of Dr Joseph Wamala.
·       Deceased relatives warned not to travel outside village to avoid transmission.
Relatives who got in contact with bodies of deceased must not attend crowded places, churches, schools, markets, etc. for 21 days.

34 People Under Surveillance for Marburg
·       No one is in isolation
·       One person is showing symptoms, will be tested, and has been admitted to Rushoroza health Center III
·       All 34 attended the burial of the 5 family members
·       All are from Kitumba Village
·       Kitumbia Village is where the 5th Family member was from. 
·       The relatives of the deceased sneaked the body out of the hospital after the authorities left them.

Name:  Sharon Twinomujuni (6th relative)
From:  Kabale
Adm:  10/21 Mulago Hospital
Reconciled:  Private Clinic in Kisugu, Kampala
Confirmed:  Positive
·       Pregnant
·       Treated for Malaria in Kisugu Clinic
·       Traveled back to Kabale, had a miscarriage
·       Diagnosed & confirmed in Mulago Hospital
·       Alerted by the MOH when she was arriving so they could take precautions

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