Tuesday, April 30, 2013

China: Chicken industry is facing an unprecedented crisis chicken into the supermarket

Translation out of China.  A reporter visits Huadu Broiler Company, which produces 4-5% of Chicken products in the Beijing market....

The H7N9 avian influenza virus was found nearly a month, although the World Health Organization said recently that eating cooked chicken is safe, but many people still talk about the mere mention of chicken, the chicken industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. Chicken really can not eat it? Yesterday, the reporter walked into the first agricultural groups Beijing Huadu Broiler visit Security chicken is how to embark on the public table.

  Workers approach to measuring body temperature
  Huadu Broiler Company is located in Changping open to the media yesterday. Put on a white coat, shoe covers, hat, and a full range of disinfection, the reporter walked into the production workshop. After a short dark underground passage in pest control, the reporter went to visit the channel, separated by a glass curtain wall production workshop. On the assembly line, the workers deftly broiler cutting decomposition, perennial 12 ° C workshop, workers "armed" Siamese health services, masks, hats, boots, gloves readily available. "Every year examination, approach every day before going to measure body temperature." She Feng, general manager of Huadu Group, said Chinese chicken products daily output of about 500 tons, supply accounted for four or five percent of the Beijing market.
  Chicken into the supermarket over 18 Off
  In the testing room, the staff are the chickens of the detection of the influenza virus. It is reported that each batch of chicken slaughter before each farm should take 30 samples tested, slaughtering and processing plant and then transported to the detection of qualified.
  In farming areas, there are strict disease prevention and control system. All farms adhere to the "five reunification" unified supply of chicks, unified prevention disinfection, unified supply of feed, unified supply of drugs, unified slaughter and processing standards. 10 days before the hair chicken slaughter, testing center to conduct random laboratory testing, hair chicken into the plant, but also re-sampling laboratory testing. Shop with quality control personnel on broiler slaughtering whole process of monitoring, control the temperature and humidity of the slaughter process links and microbiological criteria.
  Waldorf chicken products from the eggs hatched chicks to broiler divided up into the supermarket after 18 customs inspection.
  ■ remind
  The regular supermarket poultry products can be rest assured to buy
  H7N9 avian flu, many poultry and eggs production and processing enterprises under attack, "Waldo supermarket poultry products plummeted to 80%, recent days recovery Daowu Cheng." Huadu Group General Manager She Feng said the quarantine qualified from formal markets and supermarkets to buy poultry products are safe, consumers can rest assured that food. Morning News reporter Zhang Lu
  Wild birds are never detected the H7N9 virus
  Morning News (chief reporter Cui) Beijing Municipal Bureau of Parks, said yesterday that as of now, the city is not detected from wild birds H7N9 influenza virus nucleic acid positive.
  City Landscaping Bureau wildlife rescue center before 347 wild bird samples for testing, most of the samples for the public worried about the droppings of wild birds. The test results released yesterday, the H7N9 influenza virus nucleic acid in the sample of 347 wild birds were negative.
  City Landscaping Bureau wildlife rescue center within the city will closely monitor the situation of wild birds, to do wildlife unusual circumstances the first time, the first time reported.

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