Saturday, May 4, 2013

#Coronavirus: MOH Commission Continues to Check Hospitals in Al-Ahsa


The Commission continues to set up by the Ministry of Health tours to hospitals in Al-Ahsa, confirmed spokesman ministry Khaled Marghalani that the Committee in the process of scanning for hospitals to maintain to make sure they are free of the disease.

Died five people sick and wounded two others are still in intensive care at a hospital. And discovered the first cases over a week ago, and recorded as a case suspicion and after a thorough examination make sure her virus was then discovered other cases in the same hospital, prompting the Ministry of Health, Directorate of Health Affairs preservation to take many precautionary measures and detection on the contacts, where he was commissioned a committee to determine the Pan maintaining hospitals to make sure they are free of the disease.

Dr. Marghalani pointed out that the ministry is necessary precautionary measures, noting that the information is still a few about the virus and its modes of transmission and its source, where the injuries recorded in the world so far only 17 cases. He demanded Marghalani both feel symptoms of the disease even if the simple lack of negligence and speed of the hospital to check on his health., The Ministry of Health announced yesterday on the monitoring of 7 cases of infection Corona new during the past few days in the province of Al-Ahsa, died, including five people and two in intensive care, where the health of all the precautionary measures for Mkhaltin infected by routers scientific local and global sampling of them to see if there are cases among them, indicating recording 17 confirmed cases of the disease in the world so far.

They pointed out that the virus Corona is one of the viruses that infect the respiratory tract , representing 15% of the influenza viruses that affect humans, while This is a new style does not yet exist at the level of the world accurate information about the source of the virus and its modes of transmission, as there is no vaccine or preventive antibiotic treatment for him.

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