Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vietnam: Scared because of false reports bird flu

On 2.5, TS-BS Le Hoang Son, director of the Hospital (Hospital) Pediatric Tho, said the situation had happened BV reported rare disease that fake crew puzzled doctors and parents of the patients panicked.

Scared because of false reports bird flu
Tho Children's Hospital is always very crowded patients to examination and treatment - Photo: Dinh Tuyen
28.4 dawn, when I put NKL (5 years old, live P.An Hoa, Ninh Kieu Dist, Can Tho) to check for a fever hospital, seeing patients in the emergency room is crowded, my parents L . said the nurse with her big L. infected with avian influenza by eating poultry disease ... Hearing this, dozens of parents are taking care of pediatric patients in the emergency department was holding the panic run out of room. The hospital's doctors also reported that speed and leaders fully prepared clothing, protective mask, the number of medications to treat me special for L. BV had to put emergency patients to arrange follow-up specifically isolating patients suspected influenza.

However, after the doctor wearing protective gear to the doctor and she suggested to L. the track isolation room, took specimens to be tested, the parents of the grandchildren L. I just said it was just normal fever, not eating sick poultry and close the drive does not have any AI. The family wants me to new medical examination before bird flu reported to be a priority. Soon after, the doctors asked my family L. Sign me written certification no contact with poultry disease patients and their families have reported false. By day 29.4, after doctors remove medical treatment, her family L. I have voluntarily taken the hospital. TS-BS Le Hoang Son said: "This case is the first reported fake hospital patient encounter. Although the preparation to deal with the flu but is always ready to assume such patients have reported disruptive to the doctors and psychological impact of other patients. " According to lawyer Tran Thanh Phong, Can Tho City Bar Association, fake illness behavior reported above may not amount to a criminal prosecution, but the need for sanctions have caused fear, anxiety for the and other public disorder. 

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