Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Taiwan health officials: If H7N9 appears from person to person, will be limited to Chinese tourists to come to Taiwan

He said: "travel restrictions from the non-essential, rigorous review to greater scrutiny stage, limits are designed to delay the spread of the epidemic."
Director of Health in Taiwan Wen-Ta Chiu also stressed that if there is a case of human-to-human transmission, would enhance the overall epidemic prevention work. However, according to the latest World Health Organization indicates, there is no trade, tourism restrictions.
Taiwan to strengthen quarantine work of the airports, ports, and early implementation of the traditional market ban live poultry slaughter policy plan starting this month.
Taiwan Legislative Yuan Social Welfare and Health and Environment Committee to invite relevant officials on the H7N9 influenza cases, national epidemic prevention mechanism to enhance the level and workaround "report and to answer questions. 

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