Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corona kidnaps Mohammed Al Bin Sheikh and two of his sons in intensive care

[Translated from Arabic.]

130503082410911 Coruna snatched Mohammed Al Bin Sheikh and two of his sons in intensive care

Enter the virus «Corona», Hesham Mohamed Al Bin Sheikh and his family, in the event of «sorrow», since lost their father, while lying two members of the family on the family white, in two hospitals for treatment after injuries Balvyrus, who scored 7 injuries in Al-Ahsa, 5 of whom died. The remaining (Hisham BROTHERS) being treated.

said Hisham Al Bencheikh: wounded شقيقاي the Abdullah and Hussein, this virus. They are lying in intensive care since 8 days. And each one of them in the hospital. We ask God to them, healing, and to return home as soon », adding that« I wish from the bottom of my heart, there is a cure for this virus, or transfer my brothers for treatment in specialized hospitals ». 
stopped Hisham, talking, having to remember his father, who left the world a week ago , wounds sustained Pfyrus the 'Corona'. The «live our family psychological conditions extremely difficult, because of the injury 3 of our family with this virus. But we say thank God if at all. And asked everyone to pray for his brothers, 'until you get back a smile to the lips of our family. We ask God to have mercy on my father's mercy and eternal peace. 
, live-Ahsa hospitals, public and private, case of severe Sentry, since the announcement of the Ministry of Health, two days before the discovery of the seven cases, and the death of 5 of those infected. And subject to all the conditions that come to the emergency departments, to the tests «very accurate», while the observed «serious concern» among workers in these hospitals, which is monitored by the «life» during her round on Friday, in the emergency department in a hospital birth and children. 
indicated Press sources to the death of a child 10 days ago, at the age of 11 years, having arrived at the emergency department, an 'excellent health'. It was only suffering from a high temperature. It was only after an hour of arrival to the emergency department, was transferred to the intensive care room. And died two hours later, amid distraught all members of the medical staff at the hospital. He also received the emergency department was a kid, at the age of 10 years. And died hours after his arrival. The ambulance upon arrival children 'in good health'. Medical sources did not reveal that the children were infected Pfyrus 'Corona'.
Source: Al-Hayat newspaper

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