Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vietnam: Only A Matter of Time To Face Extremely Dangerous Combination Disease

After a lull, the recent avian flu has reappeared with new mutations, more dangerous. Worryingly, when neighboring China has more than 100 people infected, 24 people died of H7N9 bird flu strain-a new highly virulent.
The risk of disease spread is extremely dangerous combination between wild birds and poultry smuggled from China to Vietnam is only a matter of time if you do not take timely measures to prevent radical.
Information from functional forces in Quang Ninh province from which many people do not worry. In 3 holidays, customs forces and border provinces were continually arrest 3 for shipping amounts near 3 thousand native chicken smuggled from China. It's just a few of the many transport poultry smuggling of contraband from the border of our country, from poultry to poultry breeds rejection. For profit, the owners are willing to find ways smuggled poultry, despite regulations prohibiting the authorities, even despise both their lives and communities as dangerous pathogens from abroad.
Vaccination for poultry (Photo: VTC)
Meanwhile, the Chinese government seems to be very difficult to control the H7N9 flu, with dizzying speed transmission, has now spread to the country's nine provinces. Experts from the World Health Organization warned that H7N9 viruses most likely to cause death so far, even more dangerous than the H5N1 virus that killed 350 people worldwide in 2003. This makes international public concern about the risk of a pandemic outbreak on the largest scale in the most populous country in the world.
Therefore, poultry smuggled from China is a risk that the highest risk of H7N9 virus from entering our country.Meanwhile, the battle with bird flu in the country is also a hot day as more and more local recurrence A/H5N1 flu. Not only in poultry, waterfowl that feed in flocks of birds nest Ninh Thuan died of disease. It only recently, a 4-year-old child in Dong Thap province died of A/H5N1 flu.
Against this backdrop, the Government, ministries and localities to strengthen disease prevention measures, strict control of the trade, movement of poultry of unknown origin, smuggled illegally handling cases of serious violations.
Just before the holidays, 30/4, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat from 2am also personally inspect the control and prevention of chicken waste, poultry of unknown origin in Ha Vi wholesale markets, Thuong Tin, Ha Noi. That said, the aggressive leadership in the government, specialized ministries for Disease Control and Prevention.
However, to get the success in the fight against bird flu now, besides the strong leadership of their superiors, it is important that each government facility, each person must raise awareness, not neglect subjective with disease, avoid "the hot" but "less cold" as has happened.
Our country is facing the threat of three types of dangerous flu (H5N1, H1N1 and H7N9), if they do not spread to the vaccine, and no specific treatment. This is the kind of dangerous flu, virulent, mortality rates up to 50%, even up to 100% of the time. Thus "prevention is better than cure", people need to strictly implement preventive measures such as raising safety, absolutely no contact, slaughter sick birds, dead; detection of bird nests illness, death must immediately notify the local authorities handled promptly.
Preventing illegal import of poultry should also strong, rigorous work from the border region with a view: where to occur poultry smuggling trade across the border, the head of the local authorities are responsible responsibility.
And a measure of "room" is more important vaccine. Perhaps over time, the local skip the vaccination for poultry should have an opportunity to flu outbreaks. Injections of vaccines and vaccination organizations how effective is the question for the veterinary services are here to prevent epidemics. /.

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