Saturday, May 4, 2013

#Coronavirus: Details on 7 Cases - 2 Separate Areas: Al-Ahsa and Dhahran

[This article brings a few more details, in bold below.  The two locations are depicted on the map below and appear to be a good 70 miles apart.]

May 4, 2013

Ministry of Health decided to form a committee «to follow-up and finding the spread of virus 'Corona' in Al-Ahsa province, which recorded a 7 injuries this virus, of whom 5 people died, while lying in two rooms intensive care بمستشفيين, in Al-Ahsa and Dhahran. And decides to turn off satisfactory cases to civil hospitals have seen the emergence of this virus temporarily until the completion of the results of the investigation into the causes of the spread between the intensive care rooms in some hospitals, and make sure eliminate it. (More)

One owner refused to comment on the civil hospitals spread of this virus in Ospat, said in a telephone interview with Al-Hayat yesterday: «This is the prerogative of the Ministry of Health, as the disease is present in a number of hospitals Kingdom».

Al «life» that there are a number of infected Balvyrus, one of them in the third decade of age, lying in a hospital in Dhahran. And another in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Al-Ahsa. According to information obtained by the «life» of the relatives of the injured and dead, and those working in hospitals condition of determining their identities, the beginning in all cases was «a rise in temperature, exceeded the one patient who died two days before the 39th grade, and his patient in a coma, and suffered from difficulty breathing, and the inability to move. Most of the injured and deceased retirees from a major company in the eastern region, and over the age of 50 years, as well as some of their relatives.

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