Friday, May 3, 2013

China: A mainland tourists to Taiwan fever hospital monitoring until their departure

BEIJING, May 3, according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported, a the voyage charter flight took off from Xiamen, yesterday (2) 14:00 Xu arrived in Makung Airport, a 71-year-old man surnamed mainland tourists machine fever hospital Hospital specimen collection to send the Taiwan CDC, the fastest today (3) know the results.
  It is reported that the plane containing the 37 mainland Chinese tourists, with a body temperature measured 38.2 degrees, was admitted to the Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu check.
  Penghu County Health Bureau said that mainland tourists group of the original two nights in Penghu, is expected to leave in the 4th, two days before the cold, fever mainland tourists will pay attention to him before the test results have not been released, persistent fever or symptoms, and He is wearing a mask, make their own health management, persuasion not to access to public places, will monitor the departure date.
  A time when the May Day holiday, in order to prevent the mainland to Taiwan for sightseeing, but also the H7N9 virus brought into Taiwan, "the CDC staff to strengthen in the body of the airport and the port to screen tourists, strengthen epidemic prevention

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