Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taiwan Center for Disease Control: #H7N9 Treatment Patient's Own Burden if you are non-national & non-NHI Insurance

May 1, non-nationals and non-NHI insurance object identity of the H7N9 influenza infection during the isolation ward fees, viruses, inspection fees, antiviral agents and meal costs, cope by the government, the rest of the medical expenses, by the patient's own burden (2013-04-30)

Response to the H7N9 flu epidemic of mainland China, Executive Yuan H7N9 influenza Central Epidemic Command Center (4/30) held its seventh meeting, ministers will discuss the response to as the execution strategy. Command center said that since May 1, 102 for its isolation and treatment from the health authority of non-nationals and not with the National Health Insurance Insurance object identity H7N9 influenza infection, its isolation during the isolation ward fees, inspection fees of the H7N9 influenza virus, influenza antiviral agents and meal costs, cope by the Government in order to facilitate the maintenance of immunization safety and health of the people; remaining medical costs borne by the patient. 
    Response to the Chinese mainland visitors of prevention measures, cross-strait direct flights will be issuing the H7N9 flu travel health care single ", to remind the mainland tourists ready epidemic prevention supplies, pay attention to the signs of disease, and provide local advisory channels for travelers in order to facilitate the domestic epidemic prevention The system immediately grasp the case of suspected H7N9 cases, and the start prevention measures. Tourism Bureau, MOTC has invited a group of mainland tourists tour guides, travel agents and tour places industry ready thermometer and masks case of fever situation, should assist medical treatment and inform the 1922 epidemic prevention hotline, and has requested to open the mainland of the individual visit to Taiwan city travel agents to assist in the payment to remind visitors to Taiwan "Taiwan individual travelers health care card" for visitors to pay attention to health management. 
    Command center to verify with mainland Chinese Center for Disease Control confirmed that since 8:00 yesterday (4/30) 8:00 new cases of H7N9 confirmed cases of influenza (Fujian). Mainland China is known cumulative number of confirmed cases to 126 cases (Shanghai, 33 cases, 27 cases of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, 46 cases, 4 cases of Anhui Province, Henan Province, Beijing, Shandong Province, two cases, Jiangxi For example, three cases of Fujian Province, Hunan Province, one cases), including 25 deaths in (Shanghai 13 cases, 5 cases of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, six cases of Anhui Province 1). H7N9 influenza cases have occurred in mainland China Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Beijing, Shandong, Jiangxi, Fujian and Hunan provinces in the region. 
    Domestic since yesterday (4/29) 8:00 8:00 am today (4/30) received a total of 27 suspected cases informed by hospitals reported 3170, 16 cases of inspection, I exclude H7N9 infection (3 cases detected were negative for H1N1, I). 
    Latest outbreak, and tourism and other related infectious diseases information, refer to the CDC website (http://www.cdc.gov.tw ) "H7N9 flu zone" and "tourist information" area, or call toll-free people Outbreak Alert and Care number 1922 contact, such as the phone can not dial the short code phone number, please dial 0800-001922 epidemic prevention line.

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