Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#Coronavirus: Health Authority: There are Corona virus in Abu Dhabi

Arabic Translation
Confirmed the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi it is coordinating with the Ministry of Health and health authorities and the concerned authorities in the country to monitor the virus, "Corona."
She has taken the necessary measures and precautions and in accordance with the recommendations of scientific and conditions and standards of the World Health Organization, stressing that there is no case currently installed within the emirate.
The Commission pointed out that if the suspect in any case meet the conditions necessary examination available in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and specifically in the hospital Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.
She issued a circular in December 2012 for all health providers in the emirate on coping mechanisms and reporting in the event of suspected HIV infection Taji new virus (Corona) and asked all health facilities to follow the method of dealing with the situation of suspected virus coronary accordance with instructions and standards body and prompt reporting electronically any case fall within the definition of the condition the new infected.
And necessitated body at all health facilities to inform the operations center in the cases that are entered intensive care and to which it applies describe the situation of the virus coronary new, as requested by the Commission of all health facilities into account procedures to prevent infection and control of epidemic diseases with symptoms of acute respiratory.

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