Monday, April 1, 2013

H7N9: 27yo was a Pork Trader; Testing Needed on Dead Pig Samples

[The 27yo was a pork trader, and this article states that they need to test the dead pigs in the River for the avian flu virus]


Experts suggest

Exists avian flu virus the dead pigs sample tests should be collected Huangpu River

University of Hong Kong, Director of the Centre for Infectious Disease Ho Pak-leung, The past human infection with avian influenza type Mainland, mainly belonging to the H5 category. "This is transmitted to humans are special varieties of avian flu virus is likely to show epidemiological changes have occurred in the relevant areas."

As to whether Shanghai Huangpu River appears to a large number of dead pigs, Ho Pak-leung said there is not enough evidence base comment whether the two, but in view of the 27-year-old dead man was a pork traders, the relevant mainland authorities need collecting dead pig samples, testing whether the presence of the avian flu virus. 

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