Monday, August 26, 2013

#H5N1 Nepal Bird flu suspected in two deaths‚ no test conducted

August 26, 2013
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NARAYANGADH: Bird flu has been suspected in the deaths of two women, who suffered from common cold and fever, at the Teaching Hospital of College of Medical Sciences in Bharatpur.

The hospital has written a letter to the District Public Health Office (DPHO) after the twin deaths on Saturday, suspecting that the victims were infected with the avian influenza virus (H5N1). However, no sample was collected from the deceased for further laboratory test.

Another patient suffering from common cold, cough and fever is receiving treatment at the ICU of the same hospital. She is given Tamiflu, the antiviral medicine used to treat bird flu.

According to Public Health Inspector Ram K.C., nasal and throat swabs collected from her have been sent to the National Public Health Laboratory in Kathmandu for the confirmation of suspected virus.

He further said that it would be wrong to say that humans have contracted bird flu just on the basis of usage of Tamiflu and the DPHO providing the medicine to the hospital.

DPHO Chief Kehar Singh Godar said that the test results will confirm if the suspected patient has contracted the avian influenza virus.

The results are likely to come in a week. 
The suspected woman patient is a resident of Kawasoti of neighbouring Nawalparasi district.

The bird flu spread in different poultry farms in Chitwan and Nawalparasi also.

No bird-to-human bird flu transmission has been reported so far in Nepal. 

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