Monday, August 26, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Kuwait - Hamdan Al-Azmi ask the Minister of Health for HIV prevention procedures Corona

August 26, 2013
User Hamdan Al-Azmi face a series of questions to the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Health, which inquired follows: 
1 what measures the Ministry of Health for the prevention of the disease before arriving in the country? And procedures to detect in the centers of primary health care for the disease in the event of the arrival of one people with flu virus? 
-2 Please advise me laboratories that can Ministry of Health conduct tests during which the virus and the duration of these laboratories to show results? 
-3 Is it true that the ministry has allocated million dinars for the media awareness campaign? However, it did not constitute a supervisory committee so far? In case it has formed a Committee that has been done to educate the citizens and residents? And display means? The cost of each work separately? Please provide details of the above-documented until the date of the question. 
-4 please advise me ready government hospitals plan for this disease and the procedures followed in the event of arrival of infected? Is allocated Wings have insulation? If yes please provide me with the number of pavilions and the number of family?

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