Thursday, August 29, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Batin Brother of Deceased Speaks

Translation - Excerpt:
August 29, 2013
He revealed بداح Sahli brother Fahd (the young deceased Pkorona
Batin) the presence of three cases between family members under suspicion, which is «the mother of the deceased sleeping in the King Khaled Hospital General digging subcontractors days ago, and the daughter of the deceased who lives with them in the same house, and a cousin of the deceased Sandman in the Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital.
He said the suffering began since the mid-month of Ramadan, almost, as the symptoms begin appearing on his brother, and in its entirety high temperature and pain in the respiratory system, noting that his brother was frequented much on the market, camels, and was staying long between camel, where he abused the sale and purchase Camel newly added «deceased told us that he had a young camel (Hashi) of patients and shows from his nose liquid like water, and it addressed before they show symptoms of the disease.
He بداح «My brother did not care about it, and it was reviewing dispensaries special and takes treatment and injection even intensified by the disease on the ninth of November, the day see the King Khaled Hospital General in Batin to be تنويمه, to die the next day on the tenth of November». Sahli said that King Khaled Hospital issued a report of the death, did not mention that the death was due to a virus Corona, but attributed to the presence of bacteria in the blood,
 The «Four days later we were surprised Bastdaaúna by King Khaled Hospital for Analyses of family members all of us, and we waited for more than five days for the results of the analysis after sending samples to a laboratory in Jeddah, to be let us know the existence of suspicion of the mother of the deceased, which worsened her condition was Tnoimha at King Khaled Hospital and kept in a special isolation, have also been suspected in the deceased's daughter and cousin who enter the Armed Forces Hospital in the North to remain in isolation after re-analysis of the deceased's daughter, his mother, his brother and his cousin again.
And tried for three days to get the hang of health affairs in the province of Hafr about the causes of the death of the young Fahd Al Sahli, the media spokesman Abdulaziz Anzi, referred to respond to the spokesman, the official of the ministry, Dr. Khalid Marghalani, and that the ministry is has the right answer for cases of Corona.
And has struggled over the past few days to get an answer from Dr. Marghalani by speaking parents of suspected cases and deaths, so Bmraselth via mobile phone and e-mail, but he did not respond, said the office manager that the declaration will be on the official website of the Ministry. 

also can not communicate with a member of the Scientific Committee to Corona's disease in the ministry, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, who did not respond to communications and inquiry messages.

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