Thursday, August 29, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Abu Dhabi Health Authority Issues Instructions To Pilgrams Going to Saudi Arabia for Hajj

August 29, 2013

Abu Dhabi (Union) - circulated Health Authority Abu Dhabi health institutions in the emirate tips WHO virus Corona new for those wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, which included instructions and precautions public health to travel and recommendations for pilgrims who have medical conditions, note that the United Arab Emirates free of the virus. 

organization provided tips for health care practitioners, and asked them where observing passengers who show symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or other symptoms that might indicate infection, you may be infected with Corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory, as well as passengers who traveled recently in the Middle East. 

in case if the diagnosis indicates the risk of virus infection Corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory need to implement prevention and control measures recommended by the organization or those specified in the instructions national, and refer the patient to the unit competent infectious diseases for more fact-situation. 

announced the Saudi Ministry of Health yesterday deaths were newly infected with "Corona" of a citizen in Batin at the age of "38" years, where was admitted to hospital and had suffered pneumonia sharp and failure respiratory, bringing the number of deaths to "42" deaths in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
The ministry said in a statement to register new cases of HIV in the Medina of a resident at the age of "55 years" suffers a failure chronic kidney receiving treatment currently in intensive care. 
For tips directed the ministries of health, recommended the need to review Guidelines for surveillance and case definitions current to report cases in the WHO web site on HIV «Corona». 

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