Friday, August 30, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Recent Case Listing

I have cleaned up my list, thanks to the information from the World Health Organization and Saudi Arabia's disclosure.  Here is a listing of some of the latest cases, from August 21st to present.  The case in Qatar, 59(M) has traveled to Medina Saudi Arabia before getting sick.  We had a case reported Wednesday (8/28) from Medina. The case we reported, is stated as contracting the virus from the "Eastern Province".  So if the Qatar case were to contract it from the case reported in Medina, the Medina case is reported to have caught it from the Eastern Provnce.    I do not usually put up "suspected" cases.  There is one on the list below.  The family of confirmed cases are always checked as part of the protocol, and KSA has been doing an excellent job.

Date of Report:  8/21/13
Name:  59(M)
From:  Qatar
Entered Qatar:  8/15
Onset:  8/15
Adm:  Hamad General Hospital, Stable Condition
Note:  Traveled to Medina Saudi Arabia previously for 6 days.  Detected upon admission to Qatar.  Did not take part in Unrah and did not visit Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina. 

Date of Report:  8/21/13
Name:  50(F)
From:  Rayadh
Adm:  ICU
Note:  Has cancer & other co-morbidities.

Name:  70(M)
From:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Adm:  ICU
Note:  Co-morbidities.

Name:  54(M)
From:  Riyadh
DOD:  8/21/13
Note:  Co-morbidities

Date of Report:  8/22/13
Name:  31(M)
From:  Asir region, Saudi Arabia
Adm:  ICU
Note:  Co-morbidites

Name:  55(M)
From:  Asir region, Saudi Arabia
Adm:  yes
Note:  Contact of confirmed case.  Asymptomatic.

Name:  51(M)
From:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Note:  Previously reported.  Co-morbidities, cancer.
DOD:  8/22/13

Date of Report:  8/26/13
Name:  29(M)
From:  Qatar
Adm:  National Flu Center Critical Condition
Note: Co-morbidities (asthma).  Contact case. 

Date of Report:  8/26/13
Name:  Mother of Case 51(F) above
From:  Saudi Arabia
Adm:  King Khaled Hospital, Hafr Al-Batin
Note:  Cared for 51(F) that died, posted on 8/22. 
Confirmed:  Suspected.

Date of Report:  8/28/13
Name:  38(M)
From:  Eastern Province, Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia
Note:  Suffering severe pneumonia
DOD:  8/28

Name:  55(M)
From:  Medina [Madinah] Province, Medina city, Saudi Arabia
Note:  suffering from chronic kidney failure and he contracted the virus in the Eastern Province.
Adm:  ICU
Saudi Arabia Total:  84, 42 deaths.

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