Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia 2 New Case & 1 Death Marks 42

This article speaks of 2 new cases.  One, in Batin, who died.
Also mentioned is the addition of a new case in Medina.  Map:
Red postmarks are Batin & Medina

August 28, 2013

Saudi infected with the virus died of coronary "Corona", while the other was diagnosed in Saudi Arabia, where so far recorded 42 deaths, according to the Saudi Ministry of Health today.
The ministry, on its website for the registration of the case "and the death of new HIV Batin citizen at the age of 38 years had been suffering severe pneumonia."
She pointed to the "registration of cases in Medina for a resident of the 55-year-old suffering from chronic kidney failure and is currently receiving treatment in intensive care."
In Saudi Arabia, 84 people were infected 42 have died since September 2012.

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