Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#H7N9 China CHP - Winter Active Port - experts called on not to be taken lightly

August 27, 2013
Translation out of China:
Centre for Health Protection of Hong Kong announced on Monday the Middle East respiratory syndrome and avian influenza infection in humans (H7N9) in the latest situation. CHP Chairman of the Scientific Committee stressed Yuen Kwok-yung, H7N9 became active in the winter, to remind the public not to be taken lightly, and we hope to develop H7N9 in poultry vaccine before the winter, which can greatly reduce infection.
Middle East respiratory syndrome mortality rate remained at about 50% of the high level, the incubation period for up to about 14 days. Distribution of patients in all age groups, including higher rates of middle-aged male patient. Patients usually acute fever and respiratory symptoms, patients may have atypical symptoms.
View the Scientific Committee concluded that the virus through human to human transmission confirmed cases of secondary remained at a low level. So far, no evidence of sustained human to human transmission of the virus situation, opportunities for a pandemic virus is still low. However, in October the Middle East Centre will also pilgrimage months, been to the Middle East to strengthen the party for inspection and public education.
18 farms infected with H7N9 hundred people
Avian influenza A (H7N9), the Yuen Kwok-yung said that, H7N9 became active in the winter, to remind the public not to be taken lightly, because in more than 7,000 farms, although only found 18 farms H7N9 footprint, but there are still over a hundred cases of cases of the disease. H7N9 is very active in the winter, when the vaccine if they have not there to guard livestock, coupled with sanitation markets if done well, the problem is very large.
He hoped that the H7N9 poultry vaccines can be finding out before winter, winter can greatly reduce the risk of infection, but he also admits that goal more difficult to achieve, "the first to prove that the vaccine is effective, and the second, to prove that the vaccine safe for livestock , and the third to manufacture a very large number of vaccine was able to cope because of the number of livestock numbers, see more than a hundred times or more, is not an easily attainable goal. "

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