Saturday, August 31, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Medina Qatar Commentary

We have 2 cases that could be related.
One case came out of Qatar.  The person had just returned from Medina, Saudi Arabia.
Below in red:

#2—45(M)—Doha—10/5/12—Discharged late Nov. 2012
#3—59(M)—Qatar—8/15—Stable Condition
#4—29(M)—Qatar—Rptd 8/26—ICU Critical Condition

Date of Report:  8/21/13
Name:  59(M)
From:  Qatar
Entered Qatar:  8/15
Onset:  8/15
Adm:  Hamad General Hospital, Stable Condition
Note:  Traveled to Medina Saudi Arabia previously for 6 days.  Detected upon admission to Qatar.  Did not take part in Umrah and did not visit Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina. 
It may have been a contact with the previous confirmed case, the 59(M).  There are not other confirmed recent cases.

Date of Report:  8/26/13
Name:  29(M)
From:  Qatar
Adm:  National Flu Center Critical Condition
Note: Co-morbidities (asthma).
Could it be that the 59(M) above had traveled to Medina Saudi Arabia to visit the case out of Medina.  That case was reported after the confirmed case in Qatar.  Epidemiological tracing led them to the case in Saudi Arabia.  That case, died today.

Date of Report:  8/28/13
Name:  55(M)
From:  Medina [Madinah] Province, Medina city, Saudi Arabia
Note:  suffering from chronic kidney failure and he contracted the virus in the Eastern Province.
Onset:  8/17
Adm:  ICU
DOD:  8/31

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