Thursday, August 29, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - Family of Batin Deceased Case Suspected

[The recent 38yo out of Al-Batin was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia and respiratory failure.  Below, it explains they are calling in the family members to test them.  It appears the news of the mother of the 51yo in King Khaled Hospital in Hafr, is mentioned in this article also, reported at the blog here.  The family of the 51yo is also being tested]

August 29, 2013

Call the family of the deceased virus "Corona" in Batin
 I learned the "already" of sources that King Khaled Hospital in Hafr summoned the family of the deceased citizen and suspected that the cause of his death virus "Corona", and after the introduction of his mother to the hospital after a suspected bird flu virus.
Sources "above" the existence of three suspected cases are also infected with HIV, "Corona" of the deceased's family, they are his mother sleeping in the King Khaled Hospital for several days, in addition to the two new cases, namely, the daughter of the deceased at the age of 8 years and a cousin of the deceased Sandman currently Forces Hospital Northern Area Armed.
This comes after a call to King Khaled Hospital province Batin to wife of the deceased and his four sons, as well as his brother and his wife and daughter, as well as two of his brothers, and also his sister and her daughter, خادمتين, two of expats working in animal husbandry to the deceased, to sampling them and examine the laboratories of the Ministry Health in Jeddah.
This was stated in the report of the death certificate issued by the hospital that the cause of death "bacteria in the blood."

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