Saturday, August 31, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - Victims brother "Corona": Health announced Chweehma without our knowledge of the disease


 Still people living Sulaymaniyah drilling subcontractor living with news of the virus on the number of cases in the district Iktnnouna, where he died a citizen two weeks ago, died of a wound infection, according to Ministry of Health announced via its official announcement comes the Ministry of Health yesterday recovering two of the contacts of the injured died, one at the age of 7 years and the other 16 years to open the door a new question about the extent of the spread of the virus, especially with the non-reporting of contacts by the fact injuries. 
said بداح brother of the deceased Fahad Al-Sahli's "home": It surprised a statement the Ministry of Health through its website and that healing cases in contact with his brother of the deceased, where he confirmed that the Ministry of Health and Health Affairs dug a subcontractor did not inform them of the emergence of the virus to any of the family members who have had tests, how are announced heal two of the contacts of the infected deceased, and added that his mother lying currently in the King Khaled Hospital General in isolation section a few days ago did not show the results of analyzes. 
demanded Sahli the Ministry of Health to be more transparency and credibility in dealing with his family, because of their psychological and health is very bad and they are living long dwell time to respond to their questions and the results تحاليلهم, calling on the ministry to continue continuous and inform them of the health status of the members of his family So there will be no new cases,


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