Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Warga Boyolali Suspect AI

03/12/2008 09:21:23

BOYOLALI - After receiving the intensive maintenance in the Pandan Arang Boyolali Hospital, a resident of the Boyolali Regency had finally been reconciled to RS Dr Muwardi Solo because of being expected terjangkit the bird flu virus (AI). Observed the sign and his story, the patient who could be treated in this local community health centre currently was stated suspect (was expected) after being carried out by the inspection of the sample of blood in the Arang Boyolali Pandanus hospital. Section Head Kesehatan of the Boyolali Regency Dr Yulianto Prabowo said the Kesehatan Boyolali Service side did the tracing epidemologi against pasien warga Desa Tanduk Kecamatan Ampel that were expected terjangkit this AI. The "Arang side of the Pandanus hospital had finally reconciled the patient who was relevant to the hospital (RS) Dr Muwardi Solo as RS AI reconciliation," he said when being contacted KR on Monday (1/12) the afternoon.

Director Rumah Sakit Pandan Arang said, this patient has several days were treated in the hospital because of the sign of his illness that was similar to AI. Kemudian the hospital side carried out the sample inspection of blood to ascertain the condition for the patient. "This morning I received the report from Dr Endang, Kepala" of the "Pelayanan Medis Field, that the condition" for the "patient increasingly worsened," he said when being contacted by KR.

Because of this condition, his side afterwards ordered so that the patient is sent to the hospital Dr Muwardi Solo to get the maintenance that was more again intensive in view of the fact that available equipment in the hospital in this Solo has been complete because has official was appointed by the government as the reconciliation hospital of AI. "Kami indeed used this procedure because the condition" for the "patient increasingly worsened," he said again. He said from results of the laboratory inspection, the resident who came from the Tanduk Ampel Village it was suspected AI because of being supported by the data produced by the tracing epidemologi and the story of the patient's environment that once contact with the poultry around it.

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