Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prevent Flu Burung, RS Muji Rahayu Examined

Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

Surabaya - the Team of the researcher from Tropical Disease Diagnostic Center (TDDC) Unair yesterday (2/2) checked 22 doctors and the nurse in RS Muji Rahayu. This check-up was carried out because the nurses and the doctor in RS it was indicated had interacted with the deceased Sutini, bird flu casualties (AI). Sutini was villagers Sumberwuluh, Kecamatan Candipuro, of Lumajang, that died in RSU Dr Soetomo on January 24 resulting from acute pneumonia and the failure of the heart because of the virus of AI. Before died, Sutini worked as the servant in the region of Street Darmo Permai Utara. According to the researcher TDDC Dr Chairul Anwar Nidom DVM Ms, this test covered the taking of the nose liquid (swab) and blood. Two medias could be used as means to know whether someone was flattest the virus (AI) or not.

We 'anticipated because the doctor and the nurse had in this RS treated casualties', said Nidom when being met in laboratorim bird flu, TDDC Unair, yesterday. If evidently had the proven paramedic positive was affected by AI, the TDCC team that co-operated with the Besar Teknologi Kesehatan Hall of the Environment (BBTKL) Department of Health Surabaya will carry out the step in anticipation. We will 'carry out the isolation and medical treatment', he explained.

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