Friday, December 9, 2011

Death of the Crows, administration and Jusco insensitive #birdflu #h5n1

Death of the Crows, administration and Jusco insensitive

Dec 10, 01:52 am Dec 10, 01:52 am

 Jamshedpur, News Office:
 The sensitivity shown by the death of the Crows, the capital of the state health and animal husbandry department of the district is still asleep.  Closed meeting is understood an end to duty.  Ditto for Tata Steel, Jusco, who took command area is the responsibility of urban governance.  Jusco to protect the ravens still have not taken any concrete action while its controlled areas Jubilee Park, Sakchi, Sidgodha, Bishtupur etc. Most kaga are dying.
 Caused the death of the Crows on the periphery of Jamshedpur Parker mysterious virus has spread in the range of 300 kilometers. Environmentalists say that the city almost 70 Pratistkaua have died.  S. General officer in this regard. Kujur tried to talk the evening until six o'clock had his mobile switched off.  On Friday, the city's different - different parts of the 20 crows were found dead.  Jubilee Park, four of them, were landed on the ground in two Sidgodha and two Bishtupur. Animal Husbandry Department Karkes of Crows (the remains of dead body) for burial in the ground as part of a team has been constituted. Department of Health according to the district surveillance officer Dr Swaran Singh his responsibility is to protect ordinary people from bird viruses.  So the death of the Crows in areas undergoing anti-virus drug distribution. Whom these drugs, where divided, the answer is no. Head of the Jusco, corporate communications Rajesh Rajan said he can not speak on the death of the Crows.  In this regard, a command of the Deputy Commissioner will then be followed

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