Monday, December 5, 2011

Indonesia- In Pagatan, 3000 Sudden Death Chickens #birdflu #h5n1

Villagers told it is not bird flu...

Monday, December 5, 2011In Pagatan, 3000 Sudden Death Chickens

Batulicin - Pagatan City, District Kusan Downstream, suddenly excited by the news of the death of about 3000 chickens and village races. They have suspected that thousands of dead chickens was attacked by bird flu disease."Thousands of dead chickens since three days ago. Residents suspect the death of thousands of chickens because of bird flu," said Andi Kampung Baru village chief told Radar Banjarmasin Jaya, last Saturday.Thousands of dead chickens are scattered in four villages, namely the village of the Middle Estuary, Estuary Edge Village, the Village and the village of Kampung Baru Tanete. Until now the villagers have not received information from related offices for certain what causes it. Based on the results of the investigation while the team of Food Crops and Livestock, the death of thousands of citizens to receive information chickens are not due to bird flu. "The service has been socialized to the villagers that the deaths of thousands of chickens was not due to bird flu," said Andi Jaya.Even so, residents want more detailed information based on research results. Moreover, the agencies have taken blood samples of chickens. "To my knowledge there has been some chickens dying of blood samples taken. But, until now there has been no result," insisted Andy Jaya.
Head of Food Crops and Livestock Land Seasonings Ir Edward M Head Keswan Thurrahman through Endang Asyudi Spt confirm the death of thousands of chickens was not due to bird flu. The characteristics of his death was similar to bird flu, of which died suddenly in very much in one area. "But, there are also distinguishing. If bird flu, skin chest and legs as red as bleeding. Well, in Pagatan not found traits like that," he explained.

To further confirm the death of thousands of chicken, it had taken a blood sample as many as 12 chickens are still alive but in a dying condition. The blood sample is being studied at the Veterinary Disease Investigation Lab Hall (BPPV) Banjarbaru. It also still waiting for lab results. "Hopefully in 2-3 days we have received the results," said Endang.To anticipate the spread of chicken sudden death, people are suggested to regularly clean the dirt in the cage once a day. If found there were chickens died suddenly, instantly burned it. "Every month, we also conduct spraying to the villages," said Endang.

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