Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jharkhand - "Dead crow zone" widens #h5n1 #birdflu

Sisi has been dead crows in

Dec 09, 12:59 am 

 Sisi: Sisi's disease has started in crows. Sisi on Thursday in the place - the place was more than a dozen dead crow. Sisi's Station Road, at the residence of the ward member Sudhir Kumar, also found three dead crow.  This is evidence that rook in Sisi disease has spread. Rural Shorty Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Haroun said Ansari was a time when the crow's voice was rising in the morning, but went no idea now where is the rook.Kudra panchayat chief Prakash Oraon and Badali Panchayat member of the committee, said Yashoda Devi crow flies from spreading disease - are flying and falling on the ground is going to die.  Sisi block, and t o Dr. Suresh Kumar Thakur sooryavansh veterinary officials said the dead crow found anywhere, it should be immediately buried in the ground. Do not touch her hand
Avian flu killing crows in Jharkhand

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