Friday, December 9, 2011

Vietnam: Country Has High Risk for Recombination in Circulating Virus Strains #H5N1 #H3N2 #H1N1 #Pandemic

A new strain of influenza called S-OtrH3N2 in circulation in America. Experts fear U.S. epidemiologists, because our country "available" several influenza virus strains circulating recombinant take the risk out of new flu, pandemic is very high.

In Vietnam, Ma. Nguyen Hong Ha, deputy director of the Tropical Central Hospital said: "The climate is hot and humid as in our country are favorable for growing influenza virus. Meanwhile, the U.S. had many circulating strains of influenza virus causing the risk of reassortment of influenza is very high. This has been the epidemiological experts repeatedly warned many years ago ".

According to Ma. Nguyen Hong Ha, who was suffering from ordinary influenza strain (such as influenza A (H1N1; H3N1; H3N2)) still can get a new flu strain if they recombine into a pandemic and easy. The ability of recombinant often by patients simultaneously infected with both influenza virus type 2, which then recombine the new flu strain, often aggressive, far more dangerous.

"Most feared H5N1 strain associated with H1N1 strains. Because the H1N1 strain can spread rapidly, while the combination of more powerful deadly H5N1 strain will form a highly toxic strain of influenza. The risks of poisoning pandemic, spread on a large scale is quite worrying "- MS. Nguyen Hong Ha said.

In this situation, according to experts epidemiology, we need proactive prevention, sample, vigilance for early detection of new influenza strains.

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