Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morocco: Security Guards Hospitalized; Poultry Suspected Dying #H5N1 #Birdflu

DECEMBER 8, 2011

Informed sources said that was, finally, the transfer of security guards on quickly to the center Hospital Ibn Rushd Casablanca, were guarding the estate, the region of Marrakech Tensift, witnessed the death of thousands of poultry, and after that flipped their disease and the emergence of health complications for them because of contact with direct contact with poultry.

The sources added that the veterinary committees that visited farms, announced in the summary minutes of the preview, the need for the inclusion of sick poultry in quarantine for fear of transmission of infection from poultry to people around these farms.

Prior to this, owners were surprised to estates of death of large numbers of poultry, having developed symptoms of virus-like symptoms "bird flu", but the sources of veterinary denied it, saying that the poultry Morocco protected from the virus in question.

In this regard, said Rashid Etawi Paljhh the estate itself, that more than 30 thousand chickens died at his ranch in a matter of only 3 days, the number likely to rise in the coming days, as that since about half a month doubled the number of dead poultry in the region, which raised concerns of residents and owners of estates appalled.

Atawi said, who owns a ranch in the area Acodar Bomzmes of the point of Marrakech Tensift in a telephone interview with the "morning", said the symptoms of the disease, which infected poultry in the appeared in the adoption of feed, a French company settled about two months ago in Marrakech, so they put them in a circle the charge.

Did not come accusing feed company in vain, as he pointed out the same, they provided the owners of farms feed is contrary to the laws in force in the fields of health and agriculture, adding that, during the beginning of the contract with the owners of estates provided them with bags of feed does not carry any reference to the factory or the expiry date.

The spokesman confirmed the same that after the adoption of the feed in question began to symptoms of the disease appear on the poultry that died of large numbers, adding that the remaining numbers can be infected with the disease itself, and therefore the owners of estates considering disposal, which will cause considerable material damage.
, The rejection of the owners of poultry estates in Marrakech Tensift hand, provide the poultry markets because of what they called "pandemic" killed them, as that could threaten the safety of citizens.

As initiated by the owners of poultry estates, after the outbreak of the problem, write to the Attorney General in order to issue instructions to discuss the deaths of poultry and stand on the real motive.

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