Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Discomfort to death overseas of the Crows birdflu #h5n1 #birdflu

..A report on our's and Flutrackers reporting on Jharkhand crow deaths

Discomfort to death overseas of the Crows
Dec 07, 01:47 am
Suman Chandra Singh, Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur and near death of the Crows are in the areas from overseas is पर्यावरणप्रेमियोंको shook. Ravens all the benefits of the 'Daily News' campaign being run by the support and your - your suggestions are given. Crows in the process of killing know that Jamshedpur has issued two and a half months. Thousands of crows have died during this period. This investigation has been to six teams across the country from now on but the reasons are shrouded in mystery. The H 5 N 1 virus fears is being talked about a report in this regard but has not made public. In addition to English newspapers on the Internet 'awakening' reports are also being sought. News reports appearing in the English translation of overseas posts are my friends. A site of America's Florida Many have commented on the death of the Crows.

Five December: Grit Wayne Dirhok, Editor, Senior Moderator, The Netherlands
Comment: Bird flu death prior notice of the Crows.

Five December - Ronan Kelly, United States
Comment: Do you know where the ravens are killed, the people are scared and are trying to do something to protect them.

Three December: Trefis, Director, Chaina Forum
Comment: Jharkhand made a 'Dead Crows Zone ..

Comment: new virus of bird flu in Nepal.

Five December: Sharon Sander, Editor-in-Chief
Comment: Concern was expressed by putting the drug in the porcelain of the .. water? Animals and birds if anyone had it?

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Anbrasi Bupl, Director, Wild Reskyu Center and Wildlife Climate Unit, Singapore
A toxic chemical may be behind it, it should be sent to investigate. They can also be another reason behind the death.

Information given to American Journal of
Jamshedpur for the animal lover Arun Kumar Jha Washington's "The Animal People" magazine's redactor Merritt Clifton also e - mail at Jamshedpur is exposed to the event of death of the Crows. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...poqJCQpaHyoFNw

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