Monday, December 5, 2011

Don’t neglect the flue related effects

Don’t neglect the flue related effects
6th Dec :
Kathmandu, Nepal—

Kathmandu, particularly the Lokanthali of Bhaktapur district is reeling under the fear of bird flu. The area is declared as the deadly virus affected area as diagnosis had conform that chicken of a local Chandra Bahadur Tamang had died due to the infection of H1N1 virus. Though the government authorities declared the Lokanthali as the bird flu-affected area with intent to stop it from spreading, entire Kathmandu valley and other parts of the country have also badly been reeling under the fear.

Detection of H5N1 virus in Kathmandu is not only the concern in home but as the abroad as the valley is not only place where large human population center but also the gateway too. It seems that Government’s response over the H5N1 virus is inadequate which would cause huge loses in days to come. The government authorities had initiated preventive measure only after 15 days of the virus griped the area. Poultry farmer Tamang had first complained on November 10 after 90 chickens in his farm died during the previous two days. But the government authorities only acted on November 29. People have a fear that the virus would have speared even other area.

Responding to complains made by the Tamang, the first test was carried out in Kathmandu which had confirmed the presence of H5N1 virus in the area. But, then it was sent to Veterinary Laboratory Agency in the United Kingdom for reconfirmation. The question to the government authorities are why they delayed even after being certain of the detection of the virus? The result made from the Nepalese laboratory was sufficient to initiate preventive measurer.

What was the compulsion to the government authorities to make surveillance in the area to check the spread of the virus during the period? Why had they waited the confirmation from lab test in UK even to make notice about the virus? The only answer is negligence of the government authorities. There is also complaining that government authorities failed even to maintain an effective quarantine of the area which will have to last for 42 days as such a negligible culling process would cause another effects in the area. And, the general people have also been complaining that they are not instructed about basic precautionary measures.

Though the governments officials have a claim that chicken samples collected within 3-km radius from Tamang’s home were negative, they have failed to assure the feared people which has also been causing million rupees losses. The government authority should not forget the fact that Bhaktapur is the second largest chicken producing district in Nepal with a daily production of 10,000 kg of chicken and 150,000 eggs and the Kathmandu valley consumes huge chickens produced wherein other parts of the country also depend on.

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