Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Iraq/Mosul: 2 Confirmed #H5N1 #Birdflu Deaths

Registered cases of bird flu deaths in Mosul
MOSUL - Nawfal al-Rawi
An official source in the Al-Zahrawi Teaching Hospital in Mosul for the registration of two new cases of bird flu in the province.

The source, who preferred not be named »Sabah» that both cases EDTA to the death with her where she supervised a medical team on the mechanism of buried bodies as a preventive measure to avoid transmission of HIV disease. He pointed out that the Department of Health Nineveh has its part to members of Red Hat, especially in all He has a government hospital and provide the requirements of sterilized and configured to receive any possible injuries or disease to receive suspected cases, and a team of specialist doctors to supervise the work of these corridors in order to take the action requested when registering new cases of the disease.

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