Friday, December 9, 2011

Vietnam: 3,900 billion for pandemic and emerging infectious diseases

Today, on 8 / 12, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has teamed with the Department of Health, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) held a workshop program to coordinate national action against bird flu outbreaks, epidemic prevention and other emerging infectious period 2011 to 2015.

Cross-national action against bird flu, pandemic prevention and emerging infectious diseases Aiped is considered the next phase of the program coordinate national action against bird flu and human flu period 2006 to 2010.

In the period 2006 - 2010, Vietnam has basically solved the serious epidemic of bird flu and human flu. However, manyrecommendations, the need to build a new program with the scope expanded to cover all major diseases are at risk appear or reappear.

Conference program to coordinate national action and disease prevention

Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Deputy C muffled Department of Animal Health, Ministry of N N and Rural Development said: "We hope this program continues to be concerned, will help the veterinary control the disease and prevent the epidemic emerging diseases, particularly to help develop a sustainable livestock sector in the near future. "

Aiped program outlined overarching goal is to minimize risk to people and animals before the bird flu and other emerging infectious diseases. The program will focus on control of root and thoroughly implementing measures to prevent the occurrence of the disease, and enhance the preparedness of health care, epidemic prevention facilities.

Ms. Yuriko Shoji, FAO Representative in Vietnam, said: "This program is based on an exchange between government departments, international agencies. So we expect in the next five years, Vietnam is controlling the disease and to build capacity and disease prevention. "

With a total estimated cost of nearly 3,900 of which 2,500 billion billion ODA by 1400 and nearly reciprocal billion from Vietnam, Aiped program will strengthen the health sector, veterinary sector of Vietnam Nam to prevent and respond to outbreaks of rabies in animals and humans.

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