Saturday, December 10, 2011

New horror .. "Virus mutated to" bird flu is transmitted through the air #H5N1 #Birdflu


The production of virus Torl "bird flu" to a state of terror and panic in European countries because the virus the "new" can pass easily to humans through the air on the contrary of the original virus which is difficult to move from birds to humans.

The Laboratory is managed by Dutch - Professor Ron Foxie - at the "Erasmus" medical in Rotterdam, it was announced that he had invented and becomes a virus of avian influenza, "HP 5 The 1" for the first time able to move easily between humans

European experts said that the new virus type deadly and difficult to control and can be developed and used as a "biological weapon" devastating

The Virus "H. 5 The 1" unsettling for the rights because it leads to death by 60 percent, but he did not move at all between humans through air, which explains the death of less than 350 people so far affected by the

And crossed the newspaper "Daily Mail" British fears of the virus, saying, "The anthrax bacteria - anthrax - do not pose any serious comparison with the virus"

And rejected the American journal Science published an article on how to modify the virus on the instructions of the high points of American

The "virus mutated" is the first concern of European Health Ministers at their meeting in the French capital Paris yesterday - Friday - after a series of disturbing news and articles, which leaked out about the virus since late last November.

The French Health Minister Xavier Bertrand "We talked a lot about this issue with the Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan on the validity and legitimacy of this type of research and method of dissemination of the results, noting that the destruction of the virus in the laboratory or the sterilizer is a way to end the debate

And try some experts to reassure European citizens by emphasizing difficult for terrorists to re-produce the deadly virus in the laboratory, depending on what was published by Professor "Foxie", since "these techniques are very complex and laboratories able to do so a few do not exceed in number the fingers of one hand in the whole world "

Jean-Claude Manujgara of the Pasteur Institute that "the virus mutated" may lose its gravity in nature, but if you go to the human will become more dangerous and aggressive.


Duff Smith said...

I do believe the test results that say the mutation in nature is likely to arise by itself. I am not too worried about the copy of the virus they have, although the danger of it may be beyond compare. I do not understand how they say the experiment would be hard to duplicate. That's not what it sounded like at all. If what they mean is that there are very few laboratories with the containment abilities to keep the human experimenters safe as they conduct the experiment, it is a true statement. But the kind of terrorists who hate civilization and blow themselves up would not care. They may be glad to infect themselves and walk into the nearest airport and cough on people. By saying this, I don't think I am giving terrorists any ideas they do not already have based on published information. I am sorry to say anything that might cause fear, but it seems like fear is reasonable and can beneficially motivate people to prepare for problems that are perfectly foreseeable, as an H5N1 pandemic is foreseeable.

Commonground said...

Yes, I found it interesting that it was their first concern, and point of discussion at their meeting.
We, here at Pandemic Information News, have made it a point to not post some of the sensationalized headlines regarding this experiment. We don't want to gain viewers in that fashion.
Thank you for your comments.