Saturday, November 22, 2008

13 residents have been returned

[This article gives some much needed information on the relationships of the 17 cases.
Ruslan (almost his whole family suspected of contracting bird flu)

Irwan (6) son
Three Nephews (all preschool)

Continue to be treated, have to ascertain if infected with bird flu:
Ruslan parent-in-law (father/mother in-law): Juhani
Rusian brother-in law: Saleha
2 neighhbors

“Ruslan also informed his two neighbours just was put into RSUP Wahidin Sudirohusodo as suspect bird flu. “
(this is not clear enough to determine if it is the same 2 neighbors mentioned above)]

Suspect Flu Burung di Tangki Jangang
Sabtu, 22-11-08 | 16:02 | 22
As many as 13 from 17 residents of the Jangang Tank, Kelurahan Sudiang, of Kecamatan Biringkanaya, that beforehand it was suspected contracted bird flu finally had been returned. Was based on results of the laboratory inspection, was not found by the existence of the bird flu virus in the sample of their blood. Ruslan, one of the residents that almost all of his family was stamped suspect bird flu felt grateful.

On last Saturday, his son who was named Irwan, 6 years, as well as his three nephews that still pre-schoolers were allowed to return to the house.

Beforehand, 5 other residents have also been allowed to return to his house was their respective.

However the Ruslan parent-in-law was named Juhani, his brother-in-law of Saleha, as well as his two neighbours still continue to was in RSUP Wahidin Sudirohusodo in order to ascertains the four of them also not terjangkit bird flu. "Possibly they will go in the near future out," said Ruslan.

Ruslan admitted to since the beginning of himself being convinced the size family not terjangkit the deadly illness. He suspected the medical official from the Sudiang Community Health Centre too much was on the alert when diagnosing the illness that was suffered by his family's member.

At this time, the condition for the family's Ruslan member who could be treated has begun to improve. Only, Ruslan regretted the shortage of attention of local government apparatus. "Our family's ten days were treated, there were not even one of the local government apparatus that came," said Ruslan. Ruslan also informed his two neighbours just was put into RSUP Wahidin Sudirohusodo as suspect bird flu. The "sample" of "their blood was still being researched," he stated.

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