Saturday, November 22, 2008

Riau: 9-Year Old Child from Sembuh Suspect Bird Flu

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CITY (RP) - A toddler NW (9), which is called a positive bird flu patients treated in hospitals and Arifin Achmad shows the development of the healing begin. Residents of Bandar Sekijing Subdistrict, Regency is mentioned parties, such hospitals may return next week.

Children third pair Suprianto and Misnia, employees of PT Guna Dodos have been getting intensive treatment at hospitals Arifin Ahmad Pekanbaru since Friday (14/11) ago. At that time, according to accounts of the parents, NW, children bungsunya is suffering a high fever. Because of the fear that something desired, the second orangtuannya directly to Pekanbaru, Friday (14/11) and the Hospital Santa Maria. However, the Hospital Santa Maria refers directly to the family treated in hospitals Arifin Ahmad Pekanbaru.

Until Friday (21/11) around 17:00 WIB, toddlers disease is reduced and is starting to eat and sleep with a voracious lelap. Of course, fathers keduaorang faithful to accompany the next two weeks.

''Initially, we experienced a high fever. Fear of something happening, we immediately bring them to hospital and treated it well. I was, however, now it starts to fade reduced. We are also grateful, the cost of treatment is also directly overcome the government,''commentator Misnia to the Riau Post, length.

When asked whether the family is to raise poultry, Misnia and Suprianto said is correct. Suprianto keep five chickens and after knowing her son attacked by bird flu, without directly Suprianto been burnt. He can not be sure whether the children infected chicken piaraannya because there has been no previous similar incidents.

Meanwhile, Azisman of caring for toddlers confirms, NW suffering from the disease is positive of bird flu. After intensive treatment is done, then slowly progress is visible. At least, two weeks ahead NW and their families can return to the village.

Currently''is still in the stage of healing. We look forward to the next two weeks could have been sent home,''he asserts.

Not Receive Health Report

Meanwhile, the Office of Health through the Head of Riau Subdinas of Health and Nutrition Drg Burhanudin Agung saying the government can not determine whether NW positive of bird flu or not because the patient's blood sample is examined laboratory center. Delivery of sample done three times. "Until now we are still awaiting the results of inspection reports the blood sample,''he said when contacted by phone provider, yesterday evening.

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