Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KLB FLU BURUNG Municipal Government Semarang Closed Three Chicken abattoirs

Rabu, 19 Nopember 2008

The government of the City (the Municipal Government) Semarang through the Pertanian Service yesterday began to destroy hundreds of poultries belonging to the resident and closed at least three chicken abattoirs. That was carried out following the case avian influenza (AI) to humankind that claimed fatalities in the Siwalan District, Kecamatan Gayamsari, Kota Semarang, last week. Since the case of bird flu was determined as the extraordinary incident (KLB), the Guardian of the City Semarang Sukawi Sutarip really declared war towards this one illness. The seriousness will be realised with the blow late last week where the Service of Pertanian Kota Semarang at least destroyed 500 poultries belonging to the resident in the Siwalan District.


"Moreover, the owner" of the "poultry also must do biosekuriti routinely," said Sukawi. The sub-district head Gayamsari Fajar Purwoto explained, the extermination of the poultry was the handling procedure of AI. Kawasan RW 01, according to him, indeed must be sterile from the poultry at least for one month while the supervision went. Information from ET AL Semarang mentioned, three samples of blood AI of casualties's neighbour currently still are researched in the Research And Development laboratory Department of Health RI. Ketiga the person it was known experienced the high fever after him Dewi Sartika died. Apart from destroying the resident's poultry, in order to anticipate the spreading of the bird flu illness in the Semarang City territory, three chicken abattoirs in the Gayamsari Subdistrict were forced also to have to be closed forevermore. Council Elder Pemberdayaan of the Kelurahan Community (LPMK) Siwalan Agus Supriyoto claimed, this closing already mejadi the resident's desire. The three chicken abattoirs that were closed by each one belonging to Tarwondo, Daryono, as well as Yusuf.

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