Monday, November 17, 2008

From: Dept. of Communication & Information Repubic Indonesia

167 POSITIVE poultries H5N1 was destroyed
Makassar, 17/11/2008

The team penanggulang government bird flu of the Makassar City destroyed at least 167 tails of the positive poultry terjangkit the virus avian influenza (H5N1), followed the report on the local resident who named many chickens that died suddenly. This extermination was carried out by means of burning the poultry as well as his pen, that was located in the Village of Tangkejangang Street Pattene RT 5/RW 2 districts Sudiang the Biringkanaya Subdistrict, on Friday (14/11). The step in the extermination of this poultry carried out, caught the report on the resident around the location of the extermination that stated many livestock chickens in their residence territory that died suddenly in the period for the last three days. Moreover, at this time was recorded by approximately 17 residents it was suspected terjangkit the virus avian influenza (AI) and they are currently isolated in the Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar. While the Process of the extermination of this poultry took place smooth, not a single resident that the protest during his livestock was good the chicken, the duck, and his kept birds were taken by the official. Moreover, dozens of residents willingly brought his poultry was destroyed.

The staff the Field of Peternakan DPKP Makassar drh Nurmayanti explained, most poultries that were destroyed were the chicken, and after being checked in the laboratory veteriner the Maros animal, the chicken carcass indeed contained this dangerous virus. Was like this his matter, to the chicken that lived, when being checked by the chicken was indeed positive terjangkit the bird flu virus. Ada two samples of the chicken that was sent to the laboratory, and all the positive results. So, as anticipation so that the virus does not spread, then all the poultry was at a distance of the radius 1 kilometre from the location of the incident all of them would dimusnahkan, katanya. when being met during the extermination of this poultry. Nurmayanti said, post the extermination his side tightened the supervision in the location of the incident, even the team will be dropped off to comb the area around that it was suspected could spread the same virus.

Apart from destroying the poultry, said Nurmayanti, through the co-operation Officially Kesehatan in this location also was done by spraying anti biotic to prevent the spreading of this virus to the other area. The extermination of this poultry was witnessed, the member Komnas Bird Flu, the South Sulawesi Health Service and Makassar, the South Sulawesi Livestock Breeding Service, the Service Perikanan,Kelautan and Makassar Food Endurance (DPKP), the sub-district head as well as the village heads. In the meantime, Mayor Makassar Andi Herry Iskandar said, the case of bird flu that was found bukanlan the extraordinary incident (KLB), because of not yet having the assurance whether being straightened by them was ill avian influenza (AI) or not.

Jangan fast concluded something, just wait results of the inspection of the laboratory. Later from there just could be taken by the conclusion, slowest a week has had results, Herry words ended visited the patient suspectflu birds in RS Wahidin Sudirohusodo, on Thursday.

The step in anticipation that was carried out by the medical team of the Makassar Municipal Government and the province he thought has been very efficient and exact, both the medical and medical handling. Because like that had the report on all the related agency immediately handled him. From the maintenance until destroying the poultry that it was considered the source of the dangerous illness. According to Herry, the condition for the patient who is treated currently began to improve, including four pre-schoolers who originally were stated experienced the high fever. No need to worried, for the case like this not only the Wahidin Hospital that was ready to accommodate the patient, but also had two hospitals namely RS Faisal and RS Akademis that were ready accommodated if the official was overwhelmed handled the patient suspect ini, he said.

in the meantime, the medical team of the Kesehatan Makassar Service also took the sample of blood and the saliva from 17 residents who were expected terjangkit this bird flu illness. Apart from being checked in the Unhas Laboratory, this team also sent his sample to the research and development laboratory (Litbangkes) the Department of the RI Health. This step was taken to determine the assurance positive or not these patients terjangkit bird flu. Usually, results labolatorium just could be known after a week. Was separated Juru Bicara the Medis Team of the Control of RS Wahidin Sudirohusodo Bird Flu, Dr Khalid Saleh said, all the patients who were examined diruang the isolation suffered the sign of the illness similar to bird flu. They were attacked by flu, the cough, the fever and breathless.

Khalid said, to maximise the handling then in this hospital was formed the control command post, in order to facilitates the co-ordination in the handling of the patient. Moreover, especially maintenance space of the patient was tightened, was not allowed to enter except the patient's family and the medical staff. Di the room we for two zones, namely the yellow zone still could be entered and the red zone only for the team medis, he said. The team's medical RS Wahidin data mentioned, the period 2006 till 2007 the case suspect bird flu that was found achieved 37 cases, and one was among them the patient stated positive. And during this year till November, was recorded by 17 patients suspect bird flu. The staff the Nasional Commission (Komnas) Bird Flu Dr Armyn Nurdin said, the handling of the patient who was expected by bird flu has been in accordance with the national standard, in fact in accordance with the World Health Organization standard (WHO), like the handling bio security, depopulation of the poultry, giving anti the virus through to the cleaning of the area of the incident.

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