Friday, November 21, 2008

2000 chickens died suddenly

{ 50 cities is the name of the area }
The Lime subdistrict IX fifty cities were isolated
on Thursday, 20/11/2008 18:32
- Padang - the Kapur IX Kabupaten Subdistrict 50 cities were isolated after being found 2,000 tails of the chicken belonging to the resident died suddenly on the Tuesday that was previous.
Peternakan Propinsi West Sumatra Edwardi Section Head said the area was isolated so that the bird flu virus that was received there does not spread to the other area. “Setiap the vehicle that went out entered brought the chicken from the IX Lime was sprayed for the supervision of the traffic burung,”
Edwardi words to, on Thursday, (20/11). The location of spraying against the vehicle that went out entered the IX Lime was gotten in Nagari Muara Paiti and the base.
The lime ix was known positive bird flu after the official from the Partisipatory Disense Surveilance Respons Team (PDSR) with the official kecamata did rapit the test against several chickens belonging to the resident who died last November 7. At that time at least 100 chickens belonging to the resident Nagari the beehive died suddenly.
Beforehand on November 4, was gotten by 56 chickens belonging to the resident nagari the Tinggi Durian died suddenly and on November 9 also was gotten by 100 chickens belonging to the resident nagari galugur died suddenly. After being found by the chicken belonging to the resident died suddenly on November 7, at that time the Kapur IX Subdistrict was at once isolated until the area was really free bird flu.
Edwardi added, the Government of the West Sumatra province with Regional Government 50 cities carried out the extermination terhdap the chicken belonging to the local resident at the same time carried out the socialisation to the community, to avoid so that lest terjangkit to humankind.
His problem Edwardi words the official of few difficulties in carrying out the extermination, because of the kept chicken the resident was released.

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